Finnovation Africa: Ethiopia 2017 -
A Powerful Purpose

The Digital Transformation of Banking - Driving Constructive Economic Outcomes from the FinTech Ecosystem in Africa


What Sets Finnovation Africa: Ethiopia 2017
apart from other Events?

Innovative features at a glance
Big Picture Scenarios: Key directions for FinTech in Africa and harmonising the Stakeholder Value Chain – Aligning the Role of Government Policymakers, Incumbent Banks, FinTech Innovators, Investors, Multilateral Agencies and the Private Sector to Create a Dynamic Ecosystem for FinTech in Africa.
Leader’s Dialogue Live: In conversation with an African FinTech Pioneer / International Finnovator: Powerful perspectives direct from the mouth of a legend!
Enter the
Wolves’ Den: Chasing Unicorns & Dragons: Answering the Billion Dollar Question - A powerful (and occasionally ruthless) session that enables innovative FinTech start‐ups and trail‐blazers to real‐time test the positive impact of their solutions. A “no-holds-barred” panel representing savvy Investors/Venture Capitalists and seasoned African FinTech pioneers will evaluate the business model of each chosen start‐up or trail‐blazer as outlined during their 10‐minute “elevator pitch” to the “Wolves”. Fireworks are guaranteed – and expect some deals to be done too!
Inside the Investor's Mind: Unique insights into the thought processes of a leading FinTech investor - which start-ups tick what boxes? Why do certain start-ups attract big investors while others fail?
The Digital Transformation of Banking - Accelerating Collaboration: The impact of radical change on legacy business models brought about by digital financial services is being further disrupted by new initiatives in Open Banking & APIs, Payments Innovation and Mobile Money: How will this impact banks in Africa, can profitable new opportunities be leveraged and what are the prospects for Bank/Start-up collaboration in the African Sandbox?
Finclusion & Islamic Finance: Advancing the inclusive role of FinTech to bring banking and financial services to the under-banked in Africa. In addition, the further development of Islamic finance in Africa has the potential to boost both financial inclusion and investment imperatives and, with favourable demographics in Ethiopia, the potential for the rapid expansion of Islamic finance is significant.
Blockchain & Bitcoin: Assessing Real World Opportunities in Africa.
Founder's PainPoints: The founders and driving forces of trail-blazing FinTech players candidly share their challenges, frustrations and pressure points on the road to success!
InspireLab Live! Delve deeper for a more immersive first-hand experience of disruptive solutions in action.

Confirmed Keynote Speakers

Chris Principe
Chris Principe

Chain2Trade, Inc. &


FinFuture & Financial IT

Mountaga Diop
Founder & CEO


Aaron Fu
Aaron Fu
Managing Director


Ken Njoroge


Ameya Upadhyay
Principal, Investments

Omidyar Network

Murad Qubbaj
Associate Director,
Business Channels Development


Chidi Okpala
Group Managing Director: FINTECH

Atlas Mara

Other Industry Thought Leaders and Pioneers

Nyasinga Onyancha
Nyasinga Onyancha
Co-Founder & CEO


Katherine Liew
Head of Digital Banking

Barclays Kenya

Phil Knowles

KPMG East Africa

Melaku Kebede
Vice President, Systems & E-Banking

United Bank of Ethiopia

Njogu Ndamburi
FI Cash Product Head
Sub-Saharan Africa


Muawiya Abu Jubain
Muawiya Abu Jubain


Nyasinga Onyancha
Munir Duri


Faith Chisulo


Salam Slim
Director, Global Solution Lead-Islamic Banking


Derrydean Dadzie

DreamOval Limited

Branislav Cika
Acting CEO & Co-Founder

Afri-CAN Sun

Jane Zhang
Founder and CEO


Kate Johnson
Africa Client Operations Manager

Juntos Inc.

Roberto Capodieci

Blockchain Zoo

Bellaj Badr
Blockchain Architect & CTO


Felix Mulei
Director, Business Development

Eclectics International

Colin Don Schouw
Managing Director / Media Personality / Presenter

The Fixer Group

ElHaj Hamou
Business Development Manager, Morocco-Africa Region


Adam Starzynski
Overseas Markets Manager

Onechain Shanghai

Eric Kamau
Managing Director

True African Ltd.

Abubaker Mayanaja
Managing Director

ABL Dunamis Ltd.

Matt Amlôt

Banker Africa

Muhammad Ashfaq

Amanah Institute of Islamic Finance and Economics

Declan Magero
Founding Partner

Afrinet Capital

Sandra Hua YAO
VP Business Development


Zekarias Amsalu
Founder & MD

IBEX Financial Consultancy Ltd

Amadou Daffe
Co-Founder & CEO


Habtamu Tadesse
Founder & CEO


Sisay Getnet
CEO & Founder


Bereket Amsalu
Ethiopia Country Manager

IBEX Financial Consultancy Ltd

Netsanet Raya

ELEBAT Solutions

Nurhassen Mensur
Business and Communications Director



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Inside Insights

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The players and the discussions at Finnovation Africa received excellent media coverage from leading regional and international media publications that extended the important debates beyond the confines of the conference room to a broader industry stakeholder base. Some of the features and articles include:

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